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Point of sale

High volume performance.

The Elevate F&B solution is built for speed, with superior back-of-house controls to to ensure you can manage effectively.    Rich functionality for a fully integrated operation.  Designed with flexibility in mind, you can have confidence that your guests are satisfied at the end of every meal.

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Inventory management

Healthy profits, happy guests.

Due to its tight POS integration, Elevate's Inventory Management provides up-to-the-minute information enabling you to easily optimize inventory, manage max/mins, review consumption rates, conduct better recipe costing and optimize menu engineering. Keeping finance happy and guests well fed.  

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Speedy service

Intuitive UI.

Empower your team to deliver great guest experiences through intuitive UI. Intouch Elevate's simplified POS screens and logical flows ensure team members can deliver faster serve times with less errors and all with minimal training.

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"Intouch Elevate has been instrumental in accelerating our digital transformation. We've driven higher conversions, greater yield and consistent year-over-year revenue growth."

— Barb Green, CEO / Owner, Blue Mountain Resort.

Smarter predictions.  

Developed to unlock the potential across your business, Elevate's predictive analytics will accelerate yield maximization and inventory optimization.

Combining current inventory, historic and live sales data, budgets and external influences such as weather and holidays you'll get every day intelligence for exceptional improvements.

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