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Forget about legacy systems.  Intouch Elevate's integrated POS delivers a user-centric interface built on a high-performance technology foundation. Powerful features, designed to maximize business performance while providing best in class functionality, including:

  • One-stop-shop experience for sales & reservations
  • Ticketing, season pass & activity-based products
  • Integrated retail, rental and F&B 
  • Guest profile management & purchase history
  • Cashless payment processing
  • Real-time sales and inventory management
  • Dynamic pricing and rules-engine
  • Smart voucher processing
  • Electronic waiver management

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Advance Reservations & Call Center.

Finally!  A reservation solution which is seamlessly integrated with both eCommerce and Point-of-Sale systems to streamline all aspects of operation.

  • Book reservations, allocate resources and manage schedules
  • Real-time product, pricing and inventory controls
  • Group reservations & group-management portal
  • Comprehensive guest profile management & purchase history

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Cashless Payments.

Whether your guests are wanting access, food, products or something else, Intouch Elevate's Cashless Payments are the way to go. Through a card or account, guests have a frictionless experience at every touch point giving them a day to remember.

Cashless Payments offers:

  • No delays with direct to access.
  • Safe social distancing measures.
  • Deep behavioral insights.
  • Simple and intuitive pre pay or top ups.

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Customer & Booking Management.

Intouch Elevate's smooth design makes customer and booking management even easier. The UI ensures guests and bookings are kept front and center allowing for seamless guest experiences. Features include:

  • Secure checkout, mobile friendly and tight CRM integration for easy online bookings.
  • A holistic guest view showing past visits, preferred courses, associated family members and more.
  • Intuitive staff UI for maximum efficiency and throughput.

"Intouch have helped guide our superior guest experiences through technology. They've consistently provided us with innovative products, trusted guidance and superior service."

— Operations Manager, Snow Trails Resort.

Access Control.

Give your guests freedom, while you retain control. Intouch Elevate's reimagined access technology substantially improves customer experiences while reducing operating costs.

Elevate Access Control delivers: 

  • RFID, bluetooth or barcode options.
  • Reliable access management.
  • Real-time usage visibility.
  • Deep behavioural customer insights. 

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Yield & Revenue Maximization.

Achieve it all. Any one part of Intouch Elevate will support profit optimization and operational excellence. But when used together, guests will enjoy your experience to the fullest and you'll enjoy profit maximization. Key features for maximized yield and revenue are: 

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